Mediation is an informal process which facilitates communication between parties in dispute. The aim is to improve understanding, work out practical solutions and forge positive relationships.

Mediation empowers those in dispute to talk and listen to one another in a safe environment, and find their own way forward together.

Mediation is voluntary, so no-one will be forced to take part if they do not wish to.

Mediation is confidential, so information discussed with the mediators is not shared with anyone else without permission.

Mediation is independent and impartial; mediators remain neutral, they do not take sides, make judgements or direct.

Mediation can be used in a variety of situations; neighbour and community disputes, workplace disputes, disputes within schools, family relationships, victim/offender.

Mediation can be used to assist any number of parties, where each party is willing to take part, and where an informal solution is possible.

Mediation has been proven to be a successful and cost effective means for resolving disputes.