What is mediation?

Mediation is a method of resolving misunderstandings, disputes and conflicts by a process of discussion and negotiation between the people involved. The process is managed by a Mediator who is independent and neutral. The Mediator helps them to identify, explore and analyse the issues affecting them and to find practical solutions that will resolve the problems they are experiencing.


Do I have to get involved in mediation?

No. Mediation is a voluntary process and both sides must participate in order for mediation to succeed. Mediation is an alternative to traditional methods of resolving disputes, such as involving the police, or going to court. However, mediation offers considerable advantages: It is quicker, cheaper and usually much more effective.


What does the mediator do?

The Mediator acts as an intermediary who assists the parties to have a constructive dialogue and to negotiate, even though they might otherwise feel unable to talk to each other. The Mediator helps each party to identify and understand both sides of the argument and to discover all of the issues that affect the situation (including issues that one person might have been unaware of). The Mediator then helps the parties to find common ground, and points on which they can agree to differ, and to reach an agreement on how to resolve the problems affecting them.


Is it confidential

Yes. The Mediators observe a code of confidentiality and will not reveal anything that is said by one person to the other without permission. The effectiveness of mediation depends on mediator trust, and the knowledge that anyone can reveal information or a controversial point of view to the Mediators in the knowledge that it will remain confidential.


Suppose the other person does not want to get involved in mediation?

Mediation is voluntary. Therefore, everyone must first agree to take part.


What does it cost?

Some local authorities make mediation services available free, in others the mediation service will charge. For details contact yor local service.


How do I make a request for Mediation Services?

Contact your local mediation service.