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London Mediators Day 2016

12th Annual Conference - Launching UK Mediation Awareness Week


Resource for London
356 Holloway Road
N7 6PA


Saturday 8 October 2016


10.00am - 5.00pm
Registration 9:15am

CPD Points

Six points - accredited by The College of Mediators.
FMA and CMC members can count these points towards their annual requirement.

Guest speakers

Professor Elizabeth Stokoe - Professor of Social Interaction at Loughborough University
Aled Davies - Founder and CEO of
Susanne Curran - Executive Producer of Mr v Mrs: Call the Mediator
Barnaby Peel - Series Producer/Director of Mr v Mrs: Call the Mediator


Choice of two workshops from ten themes


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Mediation Awarness Week 2016

London Mediators' Day 2015

Sponsored by Bacon's College
Saturday 10 October 2015

Bacon's College, Timber Pond Road, Rotherhithe, SE16 6AT
(Click here for directions)

6 CPD Points

College of Mediators

Guest speakers

Carey Haslem - Director of LEAP, former chair of Mediation UK
Paul Randolph - Mediator, barrister, trainer and author


Restorative Services for Victims
Restorative Justice in Action
Language in Conflict - Coded Meanings
Language in Conflict - The concept of 'face'
Familiy Mediation
Training v Experience
There's No Justice Just Us
Riding the Storm - Managing High Emotions in Mediation
Monetary Value of Community Mediation


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London Mediators' Day 2014

Saturday 25 October 2014
9.30am - 5.00pm

Ismaili Centre, Cromwell Gardens, London SW7 2SL

Guest speakers

Sir Alan Ward QC - Chairman of The Civil Mediation Council
Nazim Kassam - Chairman of Ismaili National Conciliation and Arbitration Council for UK


Language in Conflict
Restorative Justice for beginners
Peer mediation in schools and colleges
How to get agreement
Overcoming resistance to mediation
Mediating within families
Mediating within faith communities
Fairness versus the need to be right

CPD Points

Attendance at this event earned six CPD points (College of Mediators)

London Mediators' Day 2013

Sponsored by Bacon's College

Saturday 12 October 2013
9.30am - 4.30pm

Bacons College, Timber Pond Road, Rotherhithe, SE16 6AT

Guest Speakers Vera Anderson from Konfliktrådet in Norway
Martin Wright A restorative approach to crime and other problems
Workshops Professor Liz Stokoe from Loughborough University CARM
Maggie Hampton Restorative Justice
John Allison Written Agreements
Anne Jones Expecting the unexpected
Beverley Martin Conflict Coaching within Families
Zaza Elsheikh
The impact of Religious Belief upon Parties in Mediation
Youth Mediators

London Community Mediation Council deliver mediation awareness training to housing officers from Notting Hill Housing Trust 17 May 2013

On 17 May 2013 Anne Jones from Merton and Sutton Mediation and Marcia Lewis from LAMP (Lewisham) delivered mediation awareness training to 12 housing officers from Notting Hill Housing Trust.  The training covered:

An introduction to LCMC and its member organisations
An overview of the mediation process
Types of cases which are suitable for mediation
How to make a referral

Participants got a chance to test their current knowledge of mediation in a true/false exercise, and to role-play practicing offering mediation to a tenant experiencing conflict with a neighbour.  The group was very lively and a good time was had by all – at least Anne and Marcia enjoyed themselves, and the feedback was very positive.
People found the following particularly useful:

Examples of when/how mediation works.

Participants’ comments included:

A visit from Konfliktradet - The National Mediation Services of Norway

On 9th May 2012 of London Community Mediation Services (LCMC) hosted a social event and networking evening to welcome a group of around 20 mediators from one of 22 mediation services in Norway and 40 mediators from London mediation services, at the Oval Theatre in Stockwell.

The Norwegian mediators specialise in Restorative Justice and were visiting London to learn more about the different community mediation services in this country, and how we operate.

The event was arranged by Merton and Sutton and CALM mediation services with support from other mediation services who are all members of LCMC. The evening started with food and the chance to chat informally, and included a presentation from the Norwegian visitors, a question and answer session covering mediation practice in both countries, and the opportunity to share experiences in small groups.

Norwegian and London  Mediators

After the event we received this email from the Norwegian mediators, thanking us:

“We are now back in Norway, and we are so happy about all the efforts you made for us in London! The meeting with you and your mediators were really our visit’s highlight! … on Wednesday the great mediator event! We will never forget that meeting! We have a lot in common, and a lot to learn each other. Our mediators were so enthusiastic afterwards and said: The English mediators were so nice and friendly! I think I know the reason why! Mediators are people with special qualities; they like people, they like to talk to people, and they want to help people! No wonder they got good contact with each other! I hope, when you have read the book about Norway, that some of you would like to come to Norway. “

London Mediators' Day 2012

On Saturday 13 October 2012 around 60 community mediators from the London area attended a conference at Ricards Lodge High School in Wimbledon. Ten community mediation services were represented at the conference, which was hosted jointly by Conflict and Change and Merton and Sutton Mediation, on behalf of the London Community Mediation Council.

The keynote speaker, Hen Wilkinson from Community Resolve in Bristol set out the challenges facing community mediation, which led into a round table session facilitated by Ros and Nana from Conflict and Change. Groups discussed:

Groups then made recommendations for LCMC about what they would like to see the organisation working towards, and wrote each of them on a brick. The bricks were then stuck on the wall to build a brick wall of suggestions for LCMC to take forward. These focused on:

LCMC have used this feedback to assist in setting our goals for 2013-14.

London Mediators' Day 2012

The afternoon programme included a choice of the following workshops:

Feedback from the event was very positive. Comments included: